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We Beam Science, Exploration, Adventure and Conservation into classrooms surrounding the GMT Time Zone

We connect classrooms with leading scientists, explorers, adventurers and conservationists from all over the world for virtual guest speakers and field trips. All events run through a version of Google Hangouts built into YouTube Live, allowing classrooms to join three ways: interacting through a camera spot, by watching the live YouTube stream or viewing the recorded events afterwards via our YouTube Channel. What we do is 100% free for classrooms everywhere and always will be!

Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants aims to inspire the next generation of scientists, explorers, adventurers and conservationists. We believe these events facilitate students as they become global citizens by exposing them to important and challenging issues, amazing places around the world, positive role models and exciting new career paths. ​Students won't remember every math or language lesson, but they will remember the time they were hanging out in a penguin colony in Antarctica or chatting with someone who just rowed across an ocean.

The scientists, explorers, adventurers and conservationists we work with all remember a life event (meeting someone, viewing a documentary, reading an article, etc) that ignited a passion and set them on the path to where they are today. Our goals is to inspire these tiny 'aha' moments in classrooms everywhere! 


Founder | National Geographic Explorer and Fellow | Scuba Diver| Top 50 Finalist Global Teacher Prize | Grosvenor Teacher Fellow | Royal Canadian Geographical Society Fellow | Explorers Club Fellow

VP Education and Partnerships | Founder Science Literacy Week Canada | Story Collider Toronto Producer